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"Hanseatic" Phone Necklace for Samsung Galaxy S20+ (blue/white/red)

"Hanseatic" Phone Necklace for Samsung Galaxy S20+ (blue/white/red)

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ZERO G "Hanseatic" mobile phone strap in blue/white/red

Cord color: blue, white and red
Metal Accents Color: Gold or Silver

This mobile phone chain comes from Hamburg and you can see it: it is the equivalent of Friesennerz and with the colors dark blue, white and red a perfect Hanseatic statement. Actually goes with everything, whether on the edge of the harbor or on the Alster.

  • The cord is about 7mm thick
  • The cover is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is a very impact-resistant plastic.
  • The cord is made of polyester.
  • Of course, the weight differs depending on the smartphone cover. On average it is 50 grams.

Our products are handcrafted with the utmost care. Nevertheless, it happens in exceptional cases that we do not notice a material or assembly error in the final inspection. If this is the case for you, we ask you to contact our ZERO G customer service. This way we can organize an exchange for you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% protection for your phone. For example, dirt that accidentally got into the cover can leave unwanted scratches on your smartphone. Unusually heavy loads can cause the mounting rings to hit the sides of the case and leave marks. Or tear it completely. Although damage to the mobile phone chain or the case is very unlikely, we would like to point out that use is at your own risk.

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Customer Reviews

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Anja L.

Gutes Material, gute Verarbeitung

Sabine S.
Einfach nur schön

Schneller Versand, gut Qualität, einfach schön 🤩

Zu empfehlen

Das erste Mal bestellt und super zufrieden. Der Service, auch vorab per Whatsapp, die super schnelle Lieferung und natürlich die Handykette selber: alles eine 1 mit Sternchen! Nur wars Zufall dass ich euch überhaupt entdeckte.