Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone SE (2nd generation)

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone SE (2nd generation)

At we have a large selection of matching mobile phone chains for the iPhone SE of the 2nd generation
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ATTENTION: the iPhone SE2 shares the housing with the iPhone 7/8 and the cases are therefore also compatible, but the printing on our iPhone SE 2 protective cover matches the printing on the phone.

iPhone SE 2 (2020)

Apple likes that and is doing it for the second time: a wolf in sheep's clothing. Even with the first iPhone SE 2016, but even more clearly in this Special Edition , the latest technology is packed into an “older” look. This is not meant to sound pejorative, on the contrary. The 2nd SE essentially has the technology of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro and is therefore absolutely top technology and this is camouflaged in the housing of an iPhone 8. The cameras and the display are the main differences to the iPhone 11. Everything else is more or less identical. But why? What is all this for? Humans are creatures of habit and we like what we have. Since not everyone follows the trend that a smartphone has to be bigger and bigger, Apple reacts in an understandable way and shows with the iPhone SE 2020 that real power fits into a small housing.
Yes, a 4.7" display is not comparable to a 6.5" display, especially not in terms of sensitivity, but the same applies here. Better safe than sorry, so protect your device with ZERO G mobile phone chains.

Quality means love

Quality is the goodness of all properties of an object. So, what does that mean and what exactly is different with us? We find that every object, no matter how small, meaningless, weird or just great and wonderful can still be improved. And so we turned our attention to the mobile phone chain. What other providers buy entirely from China, we build here ourselves. Because we can only immediately improve small details on the mobile phone strap.

Technical specifications of the iPhone SE (2nd generation)

Market launch: 2020
Capacity: 64, 128, 256GB
Colours: white, black, (PRODUCT)RED
Model Numbers: A2275 (Canada, USA), A2298 (Mainland China), A2296 (other countries and regions)

Details: The display has a diagonal of 4.7". The display glass is flat with rounded edges. The back of the housing is made of glass and it is surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame. The side button is located on the right side of the device The home button doesn't budge and has a built-in Touch ID sensor There's a quad LED True Tone flash on the back of the case and a form factor 4 SIM tray on the right side ( 4FF) for a Nano SIM card The IMEI is engraved in the SIM tray.