Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone XR

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR – pure battery power

The iPhone XR was presented together with the iPhone XS and also no longer has a home button, but also FaceID and a 6.1" display. Above all, a huge battery! Even the much more expensive iPhone XS models do not achieve this battery life. The iPhone XR does something here that is quite remarkable. Not that the battery life comes close to the good old Nokia models, but the difference to the current models is clearly noticeable. And that despite the fact that there is such a large display on board.

Power and colourful

The iPhone XR comes in a total of six different colors. In black, white, yellow, red, blue and coral and who would have thought it, we have a mobile phone chain for every colour. We even have coral in our range for you, so if that's not enough to justify getting stylish protection from ZERO G, then we'll add another layer for you. Because not only the color is important. You didn't just choose the iPhone XR because of the color alone. The functions of the mobile phone also have it all and the functions of our mobile phone chains also fit perfectly. Our smartphone necklace has the main task of making your life as easy as possible. And take care of your expensive device at the same time. That means you always have your hands free when you need them and on the other hand you always have your iPhone XR at hand when you need it. No matter whether photo, message or call, no more long searches in your pocket, no more annoying digging out of your trouser pocket, but always and everywhere on the man or woman. And of course it's not only practical, it also protects your best piece. It no longer falls on the floor, because the cell phone strap keeps it stylish around your neck and that's exactly how you never forget it, because with our phone necklace you always have your cell phone with you.

iPhone XR

Launch: 2018
Capacity: 64, 128, 256GB
Colors: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, (PRODUCT)RED
Model Numbers: A1984, A2105, A2106 (Japan), A2107, A2108 (Mainland China)

Details: The iPhone XR has a 6.1"1 Liquid Retina display. The back of the case is made of glass and it is surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame. The side button is located on the right side of the device. On the back There is a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, on the back of the case there is a quad LED True Tone flash and on the right side there is a form factor 4 (4FF) SIM tray for a nano SIM card The IMEI is engraved on the SIM tray.