What Exactly is a "ZERO G Smartphone Necklace"?

Combining multiple words describing a noun in one single word might be a very German thing, even for the name: "Handykette". "Handy" is the German word for mobile phone and "kette" is the word for necklace. Together, it makes "smartphone necklace".

What is it good for?
We see it as a practical and fashionable accessory, one that protects your smartphone from falling to the ground, keeps it close and always at hand.

What are you selling me?
A special case made from a transparent, resilient and artificial material that fits all of the mobile phone models that we offer like a glove. But, it will only work if you put your phone (e.g Apple, Samsung or Huawei) without any bumpers, cases or extra grip features into the case. This case is then attached to the necklace band with two metal rings. There are two little bell-like ends on the bands, made out of metal. The rings, slider and ends are in the of your choice: either gold or silver. 

How does it work?
In a nutshell; it's a long necklace with a smartphone case attached, so that you can stylishly and comfortably wear your phone around your neck. The two ends of the band are held together with a "slider", which is a metal ring that securely holds the bands together. They will hold the length of the band that you want in place. You can make it longer or shorter, depending on which end of the band you slip the slider towards. You can take your phone out of the case whenever you want and either use it sans case, or put it in another one of our smartphone necklace cases that goes better with your outfit.

Do I need it?
You don't. But, it's super practical and looks really good. When you're using one of our smartphone necklaces and someone walks by with a broken display (which we lovingly call the "Spider-App"), then you can give them a smug, sympathetic smile. If you're using your phone with your necklace and let it fall from your hands when you don't want to look at it anymore, it will fall without any damage to you or your smartphone, gently and safely around your neck. 

What happens when I order one of your smartphone necklaces ?
Then you have made a good decision! We will assemble the cover that matches your phone to your chosen design and send it off by post. Normally, we will send everything ordered before 5pm on the same day. Around 90% of our orders are waiting in your postbox for you the following morning after ordering. We don't deliver our products in bulky packages, so you don't have to be at home, it will arrive with your normal mail. If you want, we can also make your order a signed delivery, but you will have to pay a little extra. 

Why are the surfaces completely cloudy and scratched?
They aren't, we promise. It's just the protective foil on the surface that has been affected, sometimes just the outside part, but occasionally on the inside part too. You can either pick it off with your fingernails, or take a piece of tape and stick it from the middle towards the corner, then pull the tape from the corner towards the middle with the plastic foil. You will then have a beautiful, untouched, shiny smartphone necklace. 

What if I don't live in Germany?

We send our products to you no matter where you live. From our experience, it will take two to four days after receiving your order to reach Switzerland and Austria and eight days for the USA. 

And what about recycling and being environmentally friendly?

This concerns a consumer product that is not a necessary item. It is therefore a product you can avoid purchasing, because of the limited life of your smartphone, it will probably not have a permanent use. 

However, we try to be as conscious of our resources, production and postage of our products as possible. Each smartphone necklace is made in Hamburg by hand and we try to avoid all extra plastic. The order is completed by your local postman or postwoman who usually operates by bicycle or foot (at least in Germany). 

So, you get a product that is NOT produced by children in an Asian sweatshop, NOT packed deep in plastic and NOT delivered by an underpaid delivery person. We find that very much acceptable.