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iPhone 12 mini review - the comparison with iPhone SE 1st generation

prolog As a D-Netz veteran, you probably have your very own demands on mobile telephony, so the reader should consider to what extent these lines are transferrable. When I held the first SE in my hands in 2016, I was thrilled! A tiny bit longer than the 4S, but this disadvantage is easily outweighed by its advantages. The fingerprint sensor drastically shortened the login procedure, the camera was significantly better, and overall I felt that it was a quantum leap at the time. And up until yesterday I hadn't held any other phone in my hand for more than a few minutes. Within the last four years I have exchanged my SE for the 128 GB model after a fall,...

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Product reviews on the site - are they true?

When we started the assessment tool, we were unsure what would happen. Since we had previously received a lot of positive feedback from you, we wanted to have that on the page so that new potential customers could get neutral and unbiased information about the product and our service. One thing is always how the brand itself presents itself, the self-image, so to speak. But we always wanted a lot of interaction with the customers for ZERO G, so with you. But it could well have been that only the negative points are discussed and only dissatisfied buyers write a review. In the end, we decided to try it out, because we could have learned from it what could be...

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News from the press: "...stop hanging cell phones around your neck!"

NEON has just written little enthusiastic about mobile phone chains, we don't want to withhold that from you. The lady finds words that are almost too clear for my taste - but she also clearly declares her opinion. Amelie finds our dependence on the mobile telephone too great, finds the straps tasteless (obviously doesn't know ours) and generally too much hype. Since this fashionable accessory is so entertainingly grumbled here, our reading tip: Put on a chain: Please stop hanging your cell phones around your neck!

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Hello World - Our ZERO G Blog

Hello World, At this point we would like to inform you about all our news and ideas, but also let you share in customer feedback and criticism. We will use this page to answer questions that come up frequently and that we feel may be of interest to several of our customers. Therefore, here is the real request again: We founded ZERO G because we want to do many things better, faster and a little differently than others. We need your help and feedback! Of course we are happy about positive things, but please also criticism and suggestions for improvement! We will take every single message to heart. Be there and help! We only get better with you!

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