About Us

We both come from an eCommerce and Logistics company, where we worked in different positions to make online businesses provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. One main part of our jobs was to make it possible for small businesses, besides Amazon, to make their products easy to search, find, and also quick and easy to deliver to their customers homes. 

Many ideas couldn't, or could only very slowly be realised, like a Jenga tower where you can't take out a block without the whole thing falling down — that often stood between us and a product that we could have improved. 

Because of this, we chose ZERO G as our goal; to make an agile brand that understands and meets the needs of its customers. That means that everything can come into question at any time to reach a better result. 

This is why we give you as the customer the chance to give feedback and any other wishes at all times. Contact us and tell us what you find good and what you don't like, how you use your product, or propose a project idea: 

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