Shipping policy

If you´re sitting outside of DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), what we assume because you chose english, there are two options:

  • You´re within the EU and you pay as little as 5.99€ to get your product via your postal operator. It takes mostly 3-5 days.
  • We charge 5.99€ for any country outside of the EU. That is considered quite reasonable by us. We will ship with proper customs declaration (CN22) so most likely you won´t be bothered with customs dealings. Here as well, we use Deutsche Post to ship it and it will arrive with the postal operator of your country. Delivery times are quite different USA for example is about a week up to 10 working days.

Germany: free shipping!!

If you like a different shipping Service we have the options

  • Post letter PRIO - € 2.55:

Priority shipments enjoy priority treatment in sorting and delivery. If, for example, space becomes short, the priority letters will be taken away, while the rest has to wait for the next truck. This increases the likelihood of next day delivery.

In addition, the letters can also be tracked, i.e. they have a number with which you can check the shipment status on the Internet. Ideally, these shipment numbers will be sent to you automatically, should that not work, please get in touch with us and you will then receive the tracking ID manually.

  • Handover registered letter - € 4.05:

If you select this option, we will send it as a registered delivery letter. This means that the postman rings the bell and hands it over to you for signature (or whoever opens the door for him). But for that someone has to be at home, otherwise you have to pick it up at the post office. There is also a tracking number here, which we will send to you automatically. If that doesn't work out, please get in touch and you will receive it manually.

Attention to PRIO and REGISTERED and TRACKED (for internationals): For these options we need a handover scan from the post office, but we only get it Monday to Friday. So if you order between Friday evening and Sunday noon and choose one of these options, we can only deliver your order on Monday and thus one day later. This can lead to one day delay.

Pick-up in Hamburg City - free of charge:

You can also pick up your order from us at the Speersort in Hamburg City. We are available Monday to Friday, at least during normal business hours, on Saturdays and Sundays sometimes by arrangement. Register by email, phone or via Whatsapp for an appointment. This otions is not only free, in some cases you even get a free coffee and a tour...

Returns have to be paid by you in any case, please be aware of that.

Germany (DE) - €