Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 8

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 8

At we have a huge range of matching mobile phone chains for your iPhone 8!
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Attention iPhone SE (2nd generation) owners: We have an extra model for your phone. Although the protective case is identical, we have positioned the logo differently on the SE 2020 model because it is otherwise above the Apple logo.

The iPhone 8 – True Tone and Qi

The iPhone brings a few new highlights with it. true tones? That's easy to explain, the iPhone 8 has a sensor that measures the brightness of the environment and adjusts the display accordingly. Very useful if you fall out of the club in the morning, want to check the time on your smartphone and then it doesn't burn your eyes with its full display power, but has adapted very smoothly to the twilight environment. Qi is a way of charging, no more asking for a plug, no more scratching the frame because you don't hit the socket immediately. Put it on a charging mat and *bang* the iPhone 8 charges. It's magic. Well, a bit. It is important here: The iPhone 8 comes again with a back made of glass. What looks great and feels even better is simply also sensitive. ZERO G from Hamburg helps you to protect your expensive piece.

glass back? Sexy, but just glass.

What really looks great sitting on a table, in the sun, next to an Aperol Spitz is the iPhone 8's new glass back. If the world didn't move, a dream. Unfortunately, she doesn't and we live an action-packed, fast and (for smartphones) dangerous life (at least when it's not Corona lockdown). The iPhone 8 is practically packed in glass. The display is big and the glass back is even bigger, no matter how it falls, it always falls like a jam sandwich: wrong. Therefore, to protect your iPhone 8s and for your peace of mind, we can only recommend you an appropriate accessory. The ZERO G mobile phone chain. Quality that pays off on so many occasions that at some point your pulse doesn't even go up when you slide your smartphone over your fingers. Because you know the Phone Necklace from Hamburg protects what is important to you.

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Do I have an iPhone 8?

Launch: 2017
Capacity: 64, 128, 256GB
Colors: Gold, Silver, Space Gray, (PRODUCT)RED
Model numbers: A1863, A1905, A1906 (Japan2)

Details: The display has a diagonal of 4.7". The display glass is flat with rounded edges. The back of the housing is made of glass and it is surrounded by an anodized aluminum frame. The side button is located on the right side of the device The home button doesn't budge and has a built-in Touch ID sensor There's a quad LED True Tone flash on the back of the case and a form factor 4 SIM tray on the right side ( 4FF) for a Nano SIM card The IMEI is engraved in the SIM tray.