Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone SE (1st generation)

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone SE (1st generation)

A case with band for your iPhone SE (the old good one!)

With a mobile phone case for the iPhone SE (the cases are compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S) you can protect your small phone well, even if it is the last phone that still fits well in your pocket. The aluminum frame does not forgive you falls so well and the glass also shows signs of wear - we know that from our own painful experience. Therefore you should protect your almost antique iPhone SE with the ZERO G mobile phone chain!

The iPhone SE (2016)

Even if the shape and the complete exterior is not different from the iPhone 5 or its successor 5S, there is significantly more power under the case. The iPhone SE still serves a fan community that is opposed to the ever-growing number of smartphones and yet does not want to do without the power and the current camera. While the iPhone 6S was presented, the first iPhone SE also appeared in 2016. The inner workings of the two models are identical, but if you are looking for a small, manageable smartphone that is particularly easy to use with one hand, you will reach for this iPhone SE.

Fits? the iPhone SE shoulder case fits 3 models!

Even the little things in life need protection. "It's the little things that make life worth living", wasn't that or something similar a frequently quoted sentence? In any case, it fits perfectly for our 4" smartphone, the iPhone SE. And our phone case has something great to offer here too. It not only fits iPhone SE (2016) but also iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. However, it is important to know which iPhone SE you have. Apple is technically often one step ahead of all its competitors, but this technical creativity is lost in the naming and so there are two iPhone SEs in the Apple portfolio. Just this one from 2016 with square edges and a new one from 2020 with rounded edges. Please check which SE you have!

Nobel perishes the world

Even if the iPhone SE is now technically a bit outdated, it is Apple's current 4" smartphone. And we have everything for it, the colors, the materials that you also get for the current iPhone 12, you can also get for the iPhone SE from us. So do you want to pimp your iPhone SE with a gold chain? Or with a real silver-plated one, the Van Helsing ?

Do I have an iPhone SE (1st gen)?

Launch: 2016
Capacity: 16, 32, 64, 128GB
Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
Model number on the back: A1723, A1662, A1724

Details: The display has a diagonal of 4". The display glass is flat. The back is made of anodized aluminum with matt, beveled edges and has an inlaid logo made of stainless steel. The standby button is located on the top of the device. The Home button is equipped with Touch ID. On the back of the case there is a True Tone LED flash and on the right side is a SIM tray with a form factor 4 (4FF) for a nano SIM card. The IMEI is in engraved on the back.