Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6s Plus

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6s Plus

at we have a huge range of matching mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6s Plus
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The iPhone 6s Plus, phablet with 4K function

The iPhone 6s Plus is the big brother of the iPhone 6s, so to speak. And actually the big brother of the iPhone 6 Plus. Because externally, the "s models" do not differ from the 6s, but as so often you have to look a little under the hood. And for photo and video fans, the plus after the model name is usually the key to happiness. Without getting too bogged down in the details, the iPhone 6s Plus shoots 4K video for the first time, has optical image stabilization and a display so pin-sharp that you want to lick it when you look at the photos from a food blog. The iPhone 6s Plus is a professional tool, but every quality has its price, you don't just feel the power in your wallet, but also in terms of weight. 192 grams, the device is omnipresent. But don't you always want to have it to hand? Of course you do! And if you pack this battleship in your pocket or have to search for it in your handbag and get to know this brilliant 5.5" display for a moment your house key? We've seen people cry for less. Wear it with one of our great cell phone chains and you'll be rid of a lot of worries. Because even if your iPhone 6s Plus is as big as a breakfast board - it is not as stable. So get yourself a ZERO G mobile phone band!

Safe is simply safe, also with the iPhone 6s Plus

A good feel, "having something in your hand", that not only feels good, weight is something that conveys quality. This is not only the case with gold bars, but also with mobile phones, which are not only practical, but also and above all are supposed to fulfill a different purpose. As here with the iPhone 6s Plus, which is designed for filming and photography. But weight also has disadvantages. First of all, it doesn't wear that well and secondly, it simply hits the concrete floor with significantly more power than a lighter cell phone. If you then also allow the logic that the sensitivity of displays increases greatly with size. Well...actually we should clamp the device between two pillows and not let go. But we don't. If you have the iPhone 6s Plus, you want to take pictures with it and not carry it around in a backpack full of down feathers for fear it might happen. We take away your fear! With us you get the secure feeling that you are safe. Well, you have to pay for it, but then we have cell phone chains for you that are simply safe. We take care of it. Because we build you. Every single case goes through our hands, every cord we eyed suspiciously. Yes, you are right when you say that you can get a mobile phone chain from China for 10 EUR. But you don't buy a 100 EUR mobile phone from China, do you? You buy the iPhone 6s Plus because you are convinced that it is something special. And that's why we sell our cell phone chains and accessories, because we know you are special. Try it!!

iPhone 6sPlus

Launch: 2015
Capacity: 16, 32, 64, 128GB
Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
Model number on the back: A1634, A1687, A1699

Details: The display has a diagonal of 5.5". The front is flat with rounded edges and is made of glass. The back is made of anodized aluminum with a laser-etched "S". The standby button is on the right Side of the device. The home button is equipped with Touch ID. On the back of the case there is a True Tone LED flash and on the right side is a SIM tray with a form factor 4 (4FF) for a nano-SIM Card The IMEI is engraved on the SIM tray.