Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6

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Collection: Mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6

at we have a huge range of matching mobile phone chains for the iPhone 6
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Cell phone strap The iPhone 6

The iPhone is the first Apple cell phone with a screen size of 4.7" and now a so-called NFC payment chip is also on board. That means you can also use the iPhone 6 to pay for a coffee or other nice things (provided you have set it up accordingly and deposit a credit card). The iPhone 6 needs protection. As wonderful as the smooth edges feel, it is all the easier for you to slip out of your hand if you are even the slightest bit careless. Of course, this can also happen with a case, but if you have a case with a strap and use it as it should, then you protect your best piece from bare concrete, the tiled floor or other cell phone display killers.

Optimal protection with your iPhone 6 Phone Necklace

A friend of mine once said: "Nowadays our life fits in a small box", he meant our mobile phone. And it is a bit like that. A phone number that you know by heart? A photo album that is still on the shelf at home? A map to help you find your way from A to B? We all have all that and much more with us today, always and everywhere. Our most personal things. Old messages from friends and family, archived on our smart everyday helpers for X years. What catastrophe would it be if these treasures were lost to us? That's why your iPhone 6 needs protection that matches the importance of your smartphone. Of course, it doesn't make sense to lug the device around with you in a safe, yes, that would be safe, but just a bit impractical. With our mobile phone strap, your iPhone 6 is very safe AND practical AND looks good AND is produced in Hamburg AND AND AND...

What is an iPhone 6?

Launch: 2014
Capacity: 16, 32, 64, 128GB
Colours: space grey, silver, gold
Model number on the back: A1549, A1586, A1589

Details: The display has a diagonal of 4.7". The front is flat with rounded edges and is made of glass. The back is made of anodized aluminum. The standby button is on the right side of the device. The Home button is equipped with Touch ID. On the back of the case there is a True Tone LED flash and on the right side is a SIM tray with a form factor 4 (4FF) for a nano SIM card. The IMEI is in engraved on the back.