Product reviews on the site - are they true?

When we started the assessment tool, we were unsure what would happen. Since we had previously received a lot of positive feedback from you, we wanted to have that on the page so that new potential customers could get neutral and unbiased information about the product and our service.

One thing is always how the brand itself presents itself, the self-image, so to speak. But we always wanted a lot of interaction with the customers for ZERO G, so with you.

But it could well have been that only the negative points are discussed and only dissatisfied buyers write a review. In the end, we decided to try it out, because we could have learned from it what could be improved.

What happened then was surprising for us: almost only 5 stars! At some point we were even worried that people would think we would write them ourselves.

Yesterday a skeptical mind actually asked on Facebook:

Well, after three months we have almost 300 reviews and only 8 of them are not five stars. And ALL are written by you! Promised.

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Echt tolle Handy Kette. Mein IPhone fühlt sich geschützt und die Kordel ist super. Qualität ist auch spitze. Die Lieferung ging echt schnell. Danke, bestelle gerade nach ;) bleibt gesund

Angela Götz

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