Rote Handykette mit silbernem Slider und Endstücken.
Zusammengerollte, rote Handykette aus Polyester mit ZERO G Logo und silbernem Slider und Endstücken.
Frau fotografiert mit Handy, dass sie an roter Handykette am Hals umgehangen hat.
Nahaufnahme rote Kordel mit Zero G Logo und silbernen Metallakzenten.
Rote Kordel mit silbernem Slider und Endstücken.

"Lighthouse Red" Smartphone Necklace with Silver Accents – Deluxe Edition

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This smartphone necklace is not really for friends of subtle fashion and low key outfits. The bright red cord shines — well, perhaps it is more of a silky shine — but it undeniably radiates a signal red, and is a statement colour that cannot be overlooked. A bit like the "Lady in Red" (for all you Matrix fans) or a freshly painted lighthouse, with its silver accents, this accessory has been made to attract attention.

Our ZERO G coloured cord smartphone necklaces all have the following features:

  • A protective cover for your smartphone that perfectly coordinates with its fastening buttons and sensors. It fastens onto your phone, so you can use it as you normally would. This cover has a soft TPU material frame and rigid, crystal clear acrylic glass of 1.5mm thickness to protect the backside of your smartphone. Naturally, space for the cameras, LED flash and the sensors has been cut out of the glass with rounded edges, so it feels smooth and comfortable in your hand.
  • Two metal rings which connect the protective cover to the cord. These are in the colour of your choice (gold or silver) and are strong enough to connect your phone cover to the cord— no matter how hard you jump or dance! If your cover gets caught somewhere and you rip it off violently, these rings should bend open instead of ripping the cover apart— or strangling you.
  • The cord comes in the colour of your choice, it is 6–7mm thick and made out of soft nylon. The complete length of the band is about 150cm. While wearing it your phone should be about 74cm away from each end.
  • A slider connects both ends of the cord, so you can hang it securely around your neck.
  • The end fastenings (what we call "pinöpel" in German) look like tiny metal noiseless bells. They are the same colour as all other metal parts on your smartphone necklace, giving it a slick finish.

FYI: the total weight of this product is approximately 50 grams.

Please be aware that we start manufacturing our products with our own hands just moments after receiving your order and with maximum care. As we are human, it is possible that in rare cases a material or assembly error is overlooked in the final inspection. If you receive a faulty product, we would like to ask you to contact ZERO G customer service as soon as you can to organise an exchange. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We also cannot guarantee the 100% protection of your phone. For example, if dirt has made its way inside the cover, it may leave marks or scratches on your smartphone. The fastening rings may also bump against the sides of the case and leave marks. It may also rip off if pulled too hard. Please bear this in mind and handle with care.

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Sehr schön, schnelle Lieferung

Preis Leistungsverhältnis sehr gut

Super schön, tolle Qualität, schnelle Lieferung

Die Kette ist wirklich schön. Außerdem ging die Lieferung super schnell und das Team war sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Kann ich nur empfehlen!


So schön, das ist schon meine zweite, man muss ja auch mal wechseln können. 😃

schnell, sehr gute Qualität

alles wieder einmal toll geklappt, sehr gute Qualität und schnelle Lieferung

Schnelle Lieferung, tolle Kette

Sehr schöne und vor allem passgenaue Kette! Lieferung war auch super schnell. Vielen Dank!